The Future is Now. First Post.

mountains-549099_1280This is my inaugural blog post for my inaugural professional blog. I’ve got things to say, and ideas to share and reflect upon, much of which comes from what I read on other professional blogs in the fields of education, technology, school leadership, general leadership, librarianship, and miscellanea. Twitter also gets me thinking! I also think about what happens in daily professional life and how that reflects larger trends and societal phenomena. The title comes from my fascination with these types of trends as well as curiosity about the future of education, especially when it intersects with innovative school leadership and new technologies.

I’m at a crossroads in my life. I find myself at an intersection of leadership, technology, and librarianship, which is prompting much of this thinking and wondering. Writing and reflecting on this blog should be a good outlet for me to process the realities of moving back to the U.S. from overseas, securing (hopefully!) and beginning a new job, and finding a new home and town to resume our American Life.

Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome!

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